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Living at the Phoenix Individual Retreat

- every day a journey
There is no more a ‘typical’ day at the Phoenix Individual Retreat than there is a typical ‘client’. That is because each guest will be following their own Phoenix Pathway which will have been designed exclusively for them, based on a detailed analysis of their medical and psychological history. However, what every day has in common is that it is another step on the journey to a happier and more fulfilled life. Many days will start with some personal exercise: perhaps a work-out with a personal trainer in the gym, a refreshing dip in the pool or a walk or jog around the grounds, breathing in the clean air and enjoying the tranquillity and the beautiful views. This might be followed with a herbal tea or fruit juice as you prepare for the day, perhaps taking a moment to read letters from friends and family, which will be delivered directly to your villa. Breakfast is a chance to fuel your body and will be prepared by your own personal chef, who will take into account your diet and nutritional needs as well as your personal preferences. Breakfast might be followed by some form of treatment, perhaps therapeutic yoga or hot stone massage, before beginning the day’s work with our addiction therapists. Although there is no group therapy with other clients, meaning your privacy is assured, you will interact with several members of your therapy team throughout the day as they guide you through your Phoenix Pathway.
Living at the Phoenix Individual Retreat in Spain
Your Doctor will also visit daily, to keep track of your physical health and ensure that your physical recovery keeps pace with your mental and emotional recovery. At lunchtime, your chef will prepare a delicious, nutritional meal using fresh local produce after which you will continue working with your therapy team, exploring the underlying reasons behind your addiction or disorder and helping you to confront these and develop long term plans for your future mental well-being. By late afternoon you will usually find yourself with time to to relax. It’s your retreat, your space and so you choose what’s right for you. Perhaps more physical activity – the gym, walking, swimming, cycling – or perhaps just reading, listening to music or even painting. If you’re feeling a little hungry, you might ask chef to prepare you a light snack, although you won’t want to spoil dinner, once again prepared with the freshest local produce and tailored to your specific nutritional needs and goals. In the evening you will probably want to catch up on some of the self-reflective tasks set by your therapy team, perhaps writing up your journal or even replying to a letter from a friend or loved one (a simple pleasure often overlooked in today’s electronic world). Before turning in for the night, you might choose to unwind with a movie, listen to some music or simply chat with members of your therapy team. One thing is certain, when you do retire for the night you will sleep soundly - probably more soundly than you have for many years - comforted with the knowledge that you are another day further forward on your journey to recovery.
Living at the Phoenix Individual Retreat in Spain
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